Commercial Fonts


A one-stop shop for most commercial font foundaries, even Linotype are well represented here.

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Garage Fonts

Set up originally to house David Carson's font experiments for Raygun magazine, Garage Fonts is now a foundary in it's own right.

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Hoefler and Frere-Jones

The designers of the Proteus Project family of fonts for Rolling Stone magazine. Includes an extensive collection of their typeface output.

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Owners of the copyright to most of the classical typefaces. Linotype provide information about fonts such as Frutiger, Helvetica, Univers, Avenir and so on.

This site is also a font shop selling fonts from 3rd parties as well as indiginous Linotype output.

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Owners of the collections of a number of foundaries including FontWorks, set up originally to house the typefaces modified for 'The Face' by Neville Brody.

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