PDF Gridder

Fantatically useful online ap that creates a vector based document grid from your specifications and lets you download it.

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Lorem Ipsum

With an Ipsum generator at the lower right hand side of the homepage. Very useful! This site also contains articles detailing anything you would want to know about Ipsum.

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An online tool that helps you identify fonts (yes really!). The wizard asks specific questions based on characteristics of specific font characters. This does produce variable results but has proven accurate in more than one crucial sitation.

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3D Box Shot

Very cheap bit of software which lets you mock up your packaging artwork without going near scalpels or glue.

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Not often awfully acurate but it's about as close to an automated traslation service as you're ever likely to see.

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Pantone Colour converter

A bit naughty as the guides that Pantone want to sell are really pricey, but here's the reference online for free! Handy if you don't have Illustrator with you and you need to check the RGB or CMYK equivalents.

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